Original Bee Hive Café

The pool room and ice cream parlour was operated by T.W. Hanson. The ladies include: Miss Miller, Miss 'Bud' Swanson (later Mrs. Dudley McGeer), Elin Thulin, Anna Thulin, and Hilma Swanson.

Elk Falls, Campbell River

Brownies and Girl Guides with Lady Baden Powell

The Bee Hive Café

The original Bee Hive, built in 1918 was a an ice cream parlour and a saloon with pool room, operated by W. Hansen. In 1929 Carl and Margaret Thulin took over operation of the Café and opened the new store seen in the photograph.

Salmon Festival Parade, Campbell River

Campbell River Mayor Tom Barnett and Mr. Tyee during the annual Campbell River Salmon Festival Parade held on July 1st, 1980.

Crowd gathers to hear results of Fishing Derby, 1971

Campbell River Courier's Salmon Derby at the Texaco Boat ramp, August 1971.

The third Willows Hotel, Campbell River

View of the Willows Hotel looking north. The car in front is Charles Thulin's first car, a Ford.

Bill Henderson dancing at Foreshore Pavilion

Bill Henderson is second from left dancing with members of his family at the Foreshore Pavilion. This may have been part of the annual Salmon Festival celebrations.

Campbell River Rotary club fundraising event

At centre is Chief Billy Assu, possibly purchasing a ticket for the Rotary Carnival event.

Unknown angler with fish

Klondike Night event, Campbell River

Klondike Day's event held in Campbell River. This event was annually held by the Rotary Club of Campbell River.

Aerial view of the Campbell River estuary

Aerial view of the estuary area showing the Tyee Spit and a section of north Campbell River.

Campbell River students protest for new gymnasium

Construction of the Community Hall, Campbell River

Volunteers working on constructing the Community Hall in downtown Campbell River. The hall took a number of years to build but was opened in 1954. At this time this project had been taken over by the Campbell River Kinsmen Club.

Sportfishing at the Tyee Club

Graduating Class of 1969

BC Airlines airplane on beach, Campbell River

On right is pilot Bob Langdon, standing in front of his BC Airlines SeaBee. At this time BC Airlines picked up passengers on the beach in front of the Willows Hotel.

Painter's Lodge, Campbell River

Quinsam Trucking vehicles in front of Imperial Fuel, Campbellton

Logging trucks operated by Joe Zanatta in front of shop in Campbellton. Building on the right is the Quinsam Hotel.

Katie Ferguson and her "Diamond Button Tyee"

Katie Ferguson with her catch - a 63½ lb Tyee caught on August 17, 1963. Guide Nick Gilbert on right. This catch earned her a Tyee Club "Diamond Button".

Owner of Trans Mountain Airline

Bill MacAdam, owner of Trans Mountain Airline, in the cockpit of the seaplane, October 1965.

Interior of room at Lourdes Hospital, Campbell River

View of Elk Falls taken from Canyon, Campbell River

Downtown Campbell River

View of downtown Campbell River showing the Discovery Inn and Tyee Plaza.

Salmon barbecue on the beach

Salmon barbecue on the beach in front of the VanIsle Theatre (now the Tidemark Theatre).