Campbell River's first school

Teacher Miss Barwise can be seen on the steps by the door.

July 1st parade, Campbell River

Williams Enterprises entry in the July 1st parade at Lane Field.

July 1st Parade, Campbell River

Central Island Contractors' float in the July 1st Parade, 1958.

Construction of Strathcona Dam, 1950s

Spillway looking south, view of the construction site buildings on left, 1958.

Dick Fitzpatrick, Tyee Man, with catch

Dick Fitzpatrick with his catch of 51½ lb Tyee on August 14, 1964. Guide Van Egan.

Log chute over the Island Highway

Log chute over the Island Highway at about where 6th Avenue is today. Charles Thulin was logging some land.

Home is where you hang your hat

Ken (Butch) Henderson and Tom Quocksister on the Tyee Spit, early 1940’s.

Painter's Lodge

Herbert and Dolly Pidcock with Mrs. Wiborn

Crawford's Store, the Quinsam Hotel, and Shelby's Barber Shop

Construction of the Quinsam Hotel began in 1917 by Mr. Tom Laffin, who then sold the incomplete hotel to Mr. Ken Bergstrom (known as 'Brannigan'). Brannigan owned the hotel for a few years before selling in 1924 to Jim English (known as 'the Bishop'), who was the owner at the...

Ripple Rock construction site

Mrs. Suduth and her catch, September 1939

Mrs. Suduth with her catches - a 15 1/2 lb and a 12 lb Coho which she caught on a light fly rod, September 1939. Mrs. Suduth and her husband were the last two guests that fishing guide Darrell Smith took out before he joined the forces to fight in WWII.

Sam Henderson carving

A Henderson Potlatch

Left to right: Bobby Joseph, John Henderson, and _____ Wadhams.

A Telephone Pioneer is honoured

Marie Christensen joins the ranks of the Telephone Pioneers of America; Dorothy Thompson presenting. Dec. 1, 1965

A hiking party going to the Falls

View of the Canyon below Elk Falls.

Campbell River's first Art Gallery

Campbell River's first art gallery opens above Page II books. Left to right: Arleigh Martell, Bill Standeven, and Tanya Hill.

Men on beach with large log

Interior of bar at Quinsam Hotel Campbellton

This view of the inside of the bar was likely taken after an addition was added to the Quinsam Hotel in 1963. One time owner of the Quinsam Jim English in centre of the photograph with woman on his knee. He was commonly referred to by his nickname the Bishop.

The Roller Follies in the Spring Fair Parade

Girl guides at camp on Hudson's Farm

Cougar Smith and Wallace McMillan at scales

Wallace McMillan (on left) with guide Cecil 'Cougar' Smith and one of the 268 Tyee salmon that he registered with the Tyee Club between 1936 and 1965.

Mrs. Forbes on the front steps of the Lodge

Erecting the Foreshore Park Long House

Erecting the new poles at the Longhouse at the Foreshore Park. The poles were carved by Sam Henderson.

Unknown angler with catch