W.E. Humphrey - a US Senator from Seattle

Campbell River beachfront in front of downtown Campbell River

View of the beachfront looking towards the Discovery Inn. This area was later filled to become the Foreshore Park (later known as Robert V. Ostler Park).


Peter Mountain at Bones Bay Cannery

Bones Bay Cannery. In 1927 the Canadian Fish Company closed their cannery operation in Shushartie Bay and transferred the equipment to Bones Bay on W. Cracroft Island in Johnstone Strait. Close to the gillnet and seine fisheries of Johnstone Strait and the mainland inlets, the Bones Bay cannery...

First Campbell River Water Festival, McIvor Lake

The first Campbell River Water Festival (later called the Salmon Festival), which took place at McIvor Lake. June, 1968.

St. Peter's Anglican Church 25th Anniversary

"To celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the church, original church members gathered June 24th. Top row (left to right): Cecil (Cougar) Smith; Rev. Canon Alan Greene, first incumbent; C. Hayes Sr.; C. Hayes Jr.; and E.P. Painter. Middle row: Mrs. A.C. Simms, Mrs. R. Hopton, Mrs. R...

School picnic near the railroad tracks

Campbell River school students with teacher Miss Ethel Barwise (adult on left) enjoying a school outing behind the school house. The railroad tracks were part of the International Timber co. operation.

Display of Prizes

A display of prizes, possibly out front of the Thulin's store.

Dr. Wiborn and William E. Humphrey with catch

Founding member of the Tyee Club of British Columbia, Dr. Wiborn, congratulating fisherman and US senator (WA) William E. Humphrey.

Swimming lessons at the Campbell River estuary

Children were given their swim lessons at the Tyee Spit, as there was not yet a pool in Campbell River.

Mrs. Forbes on the front steps of the Lodge

Carl and Margaret Thulin, Campbell River

Margaret Thulin (nee McNeil) married Carl Thulin, son of Charles Thulin on January 8, 1918. This photograph was taken in 1918.

The Ripple Rock Explosion, Seymour Narrows

Sign at entrance to Lane Field, Campbell River Park

Lane Field was located in Campbellton at the intersection of the ERT road and the Island Hwy. It was named for Charlie Lane, an ERT employee as a memorial.

New Year's Eve at Painter's Lodge, Campbell River

Mr. Suduth with his catch, September 1939

Mr. Suduth with his catches of a 13 and a 9 1/2 lb Coho which he caught on a 6 1/2 oz fly rod. Mr. Suduth and his wife were the last guests that Darrell Smith guided for in September of 1939.

Observation bunker for viewing Ripple Rock Explosion

Mary Henderson hanging laundry

Mary Henderson, eldest daughter of Sam and May Henderson, stands in the yard of her family home with the Spit Cemetery behind her.

Campbell River, 7th Avenue

Sam Henderson and child

Sister of St. Ann shrine beside the Lourdes Hospital

Known as the grotto this shrine was located in the garden area between the Lourdes Hospital and the Sister of St. Ann's accomodations. Nunns from the Sister of St. Ann's operated the Lourdes Hospital from 1929-1957.

View of the Willows Hotel, Campbell River

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

CBC film crew visits Senior Secondary School

Cameraman Dick Bellamy on left and Mike Tyndall and Donna Cowan in the foreground on the right.

Haig-Brown children

Roderick Haig-Brown's children: Mary, Alan, Celia, and Valerie - being photographed for a magazine.