Perkin's farm, north Campbell River.

John Perkins Sr. standing in the family potato field in north Campbell River. The Perkins had their farm just past Coulter Road.

Discussing the John Hart Power Development

Left to right: Mr. Boyd, owner of General Construction Co. Ltd.; Earl Finning, of Finning Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd.; and Frank Ferries, the Branch Service Manager of Finning.

Group of anglers with their respective catches

From left: J. Phillips of San Diego, U.S.A., with his catch of a 37½ lb Tyee salmon; C. Tokarz of Santa Monica, U.S.A., with his catch of a 40 lb Tyee salmon; and Clyde Massey of Los Angeles, U.S.A., with his catches of a 48½ lb and a 46½ lb Tyee salmon. August 9, 1960.

View of the Campbell River Cemetery, Feb. 21, 1968

Elk Falls Co. Ltd. float in July 1st parade

Elk Falls Co. Ltd. Float as it enters Lane Field.

Mary Murphy and Jasper Sutherland

Unknown lady angler with fish

Campbell River Fire Department personnel and equipment

Campbell River's first fire hall Located at 10th Avenue and the Island Highway. Fire Chief Oscar Thulin second from left with wife Agnes beside him.

Unknown angler with fish

Sam Henderson carving

Campbell River Municipal Airport

Mrs. K.E. Masly with catch

Mrs. K.E. Masly with her catch - a 47½ lb. Tyee caught in 1967. Guide Doug Angell on right.

L. Barker and L. Bertram with their catches

L. Barker with a 36 1/2 lb Tyee and L. Bertram with a 40 lb Tyee.

Interior of Campbell River Trading Co. store, Campbell River

The interior of the general store which was established and operated by the Thulin Brothers. From left: Walter Spencer (telegraph operator), unknown, and Mr. Hardy (assistant postmaster and store clerk).

Girl Guides Christmas

Herbert Pidcock and Dr. Wiborn with salmon

View of Campbell River from the water

Laver's store can be seen in the foreground, and the Bee Hive Café to the far right. Alexandra Peak rises up in the background.

Herbert Pidcock and Dr. Wiborn

Herbert Pidcock on left, holding salmon, with Dr. Wiborn.

Paul Kadang, from Borneo, a protégé of John Young's

Carihi Students play in Basketball League Game, 1981

Carihi Tyees Dave Elmore (#5) struggles for ball with Dave Brissotto (#10) and Mike Holm (#11) during league game

Snowball Queen, 1957

In front of the church at Alert Bay

Unidentified man and George Prevost in front of the United Church in Alert Bay.

The Ripple Rock Explosion

Harry Thulin – Tyee Club

Flood in Campbellton, 1951

View of the flooded upholstery shop, Injanuaty Studio, in Campbellton. November 27, 1951.