Observation bunker for viewing Ripple Rock Explosion

Unknown angler with fish

Working the lead lines at Bones Bay Cannery

Sam Henderson (front), Arthur (Toosh) Butler (middle), and Ken (Butch) Henderson working on a lead line at the Bones Bay Cannery.

Campbell River Band Council

Left to right: Tom Henderson, John Ferry, and George Quocksister.

Commercial fishing boats at Campbell River wharf

Ken Forde in his workshop

Ken Forde, working on an outboard motor. At this time Ken Forde was the mayor of Campbell River, 1971.

Construction of Community Hall

Constructing the Community Hall in downtown Campbell River. The hall took a number of years to build but was opened in 1954.

An unidentified child in the Henderson baby buggy

Unidentified child in the Henderson baby buggy, which is parked at the Spit soccer field. “That buggy went to whoever had a baby, but it just kept coming back to us,” says Dan Henderson.

Anglers with their catch on front steps of the Willows Hotel.

Joe Iaci (on left) with his nephew, Frank Iaci (second from left), and Ross Filippone (right) and a catch of salmon on the front steps of the Willows Hotel. Joe Iaci was the co-owner of the Willows Hotel.

Mrs. Butler, Tyee Man

Mrs. W.C. Butler, Tyee Man 1934, with her catch.

Miss Campbell River presents a Crown Zellerbach display

Movie star John Wayne sportfishing at Campbell River

Construction of Strathcona Dam, 1950s

Cofferdams at Strathcona dam.

Judge Roderick Haig-Brown with police officers, Campbell River

Judge Roderick Haig-Brown, sitting at desk surrounded by members of Campbell River's law enforcement.

Bonnor with catch

Mr. Kandik with two fish

First Campbell River Water Festival

The first Campbell River Water Festival (later called the Salmon Festival), which took place at McIvor Lake.

Donkey Baseball held at Lane Field, Campbell River

View of Tyee boats fishing off Tyee Spit

Tyee boats fishing on the “South Corner” off Tyee Spit, Campbell River.

Campbell River Rotary club fundraising event

At centre is Chief Billy Assu, possibly purchasing a ticket for the Rotary Carnival event.

Construction of the Community Hall, Campbell River

Volunteers working on constructing the Community Hall in downtown Campbell River. The hall took a number of years to build but was opened in 1954. At this time the project had been taken over by the Campbell River Kinsmen Club.

Mrs. Irvin Janko with her catch, and a man

Herbert and Dolly (Ella) Pidcock's house

Interior of room at Lourdes Hospital, Campbell River

Portrait of Carl Petersen, an early settler of Campbell River

This photo was taken around the year 1900. Carl was one of three brothers from Denmark who took jobs with the International Timber Company and decided to settle in the district. They bought land in the area that is now known as Petersen Road.