School administrators discuss their students

A discussion concerning the pressures on a child in school took place, attended by (left to right): Bob Parton, Dr. S.E. Jensen, John Young, Edith Gullard, and Dr. G. Multari.

Annex to the first Willows Hotel

The 'Loggers Annex' to the first Willows Hotel, located approximately where the Campbell River Laundry later stood. After the second Willows Hotel was built (in 1908) the original Willows Hotel (not pictured here) adopted the label of the Annex.

The lobby of the third Willows Hotel

Bill Coleman's "Camp" at Tyee Spit

Bill Coleman's "Camp" at Tyee Spit. From Left: Herbert Pidcock (sitting on steps in black bathing suit), Bill Coleman, Heber Smith, Julie Dodge Nelson, and Darrell Smith. Herbert, Heber, and Darrell were sportfishing guides for Painter's.

Dr. J.A. Wiborn with Herbert Pidcock and salmon

John Wayne in his boat, Wild Goose

John Wayne in his boat, 'Wild Goose', fishes with Warren Petersen of April Point. Seven Coho and a 15 lb Spring salmon caught on a trip to Whiskey Point and Cape Mudge.

Telephone Office, Campbell River

Annual General Meeting of Tyee Club

Tammy McConkey in photograph.

View of Moose Falls, Campbell River

Remnants of a Bloedel Stewart & Welch Ltd. logging trestle, pre 1938.

Mr. Thulin with fish

Pechet with catch

Pechet with catch - a 42 lb Tyee.

Construction of Strathcona Dam, 1950s

Excavating the river below one of the cofferdams.

Campbell River Rotary Club Meeting at Painter's Lodge

BC Hydro employees at John Hart Generating Station

Group of employees in the workshop at BC Hydro's John Hart Generating Station. Photo taken July 6, 1965.

View of the wood stave penstocks leading from John Hart Dam

Children's roller skating performance, Campbell River

Group of children at a roller skating performance. This group was likely part of the Campbell River Roller Skating Club. Photo and story ran in the May 14, 1964 issue of the C.R. Courier newspaper.

Interior of Overwaitea store

Photograph is likely a view of the interior of the Overwaitea store in Campbellton.

L&H block under construction, Campbell River

The L&H block located on the Island Highway in downtown Campbell River. It was situated next to the Vanstone Buildings.

'Our Place' - Centre for the Mentally Handicapped

View of the Discovery Inn, Campbell River

The Discovery Inn opened its doors June 16, 1963.

Klondike Night event, Campbell River

Klondike Day's event held in Campbell River. This event was annually held by the Rotary Club of Campbell River.

Priest with group of girls being confirmed

Girls and priest on the front steps of the Lourdes Hospital. At this time Catholic Church services were held at the chapel in the hospital which was run by the Sister's of St. Ann's.

July 1st parade, Campbell River

Laver's Department store float participating in the July 1st parade at Campbell River. Photograph taken as the float enters Lane Field.

Opening of Campbell River Elementary, Junior-Senior High School

Crawford and McNeil's store in Campbellton

Crawford and McNeil's Store, beside the Quinsam Hotel. Left to right: Verona Forbes McNeil, Campbell Crawford, William McNeil (Verona's father), Grace Tyson (Devitt), and Ole Olson.