Jack Riley is man in centre.

Henderson family potlatch

Left to right: Bill Henderson, John Charlie, Jimmy King, Jack Peters, Tommy Hunt, Billy Sandy Willie (?), and Sam Henderson. Picture taken at the Campbell River Community Hall.

Sons of Norway Dinner and Dance

Mayor Ken Forde, Miss Campbell River Yvonne Lettellier, and President of Sons of Norway Dennis Hansen.

Construction of the John Hart Generating Station

Carl and Margaret Thulin, Campbell River

Margaret Thulin (nee McNeil) married Carl Thulin, son of Charles Thulin on January 8, 1918. This photograph was taken in 1918.

Quinsam Fish Hatchery, September 1976

'Our Place' - Centre for the Mentally Handicapped

Opening of Campbell River Elementary, Junior-Senior High School

Students arriving via bus at the new school

Guest with catch of salmon at Painter's Lodge

Annual Roller Follies performance, Campbell River

The Campbell River Roller Skating Club puts on its fourth annual presentation (known as the Roller Follies) - a circus on wheels - at the Community Hall.

Paul Ballou with catch

Paul E. Ballou of Portland, Oregon with his catch - a 57½ lb Tyee caught on August 11, 1969.

Angler Connie Maloney with a catch

Connie Maloney with a catch of a 45 lb Tyee. Guide Gordon McLaughlin in centre.

Lions walkathon on the Tyee Spit

Car with passengers beside Forbes Landing Lodge

John Blackburn of Grantham is the man holding the boy. They were visiting Forbes Landing with friends from Vancouver.

Salmon barbecue on the beach

Salmon barbecue on the beach in front of the VanIsle Theatre (now the Tidemark Theatre).

Coach Punch Imlach

View of Moose Falls, Campbell River

Walter Shutts - Tyee Man

Walter Shutts, Tyee Man 1968, with his record holding catch of salmon. This is the largest salmon ever registered with the Tyee Club. The catch weighed in at 71 lb and was caught on August 6, 1968. Mr. Shutts guide was Tom McGregor.

Trans Mountain Airline base at the Tyee Spit

View of the Trans Mountain seaplane base at the Tyee Spit, August 1965.

Commercial fishing boats tied up at the Campbell River wharf

Commercial fishing boats at the government wharf including the Keitha M.

Unidentified angler with catch

Unidentified angler with catch on Campbell River beach front. The boardwalk that can be seen in this photograph was built from lumber of a barge that wrecked in a storm and ran the length of the downtown area.

Lions Club work party paints fences at senior's homes

Left to right: Jim Howie, Mike Turner, George Tait, Cais Hofland, and Len Gossen.

Mrs. Randall, Tyee Man, with her catch

Mrs. T.B. Randall of Vancouver, B.C. being presented with diamond button by Wallace H. McMillan, president of the Tyee Club of B.C. Mrs. Randall was Tyee Man and new record holder in 1941. Her Tyee salmon was 66½ lbs and she caught it on August 7, 1941.

Commercial fishing boats at Campbell River wharf

Mrs. Paul E. Ballou - Tyee Man 1960

Mrs. Paul E. Ballou of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. – Tyee Man 1960. Catch 61 lb. Guide Mike Rippingale.